Paul Howell

Paul hails from Bristol now living in South Gloucestershire between Bristol and Bath. Paul is the Director and Co-Owner responsible for the outward facing aspects of the business – sales, retention and marketing.


Paul has worked for several large and very large food companies including Brakes, 3663 (Bidfood) Compass and Sodexo.


Paul has a can do attitude and believes where there is a will there is a way, this coupled with what is really excellent food makes things extremely flexible for customers, enabling the business to react really quickly to particular requirements. Howell and Lone’s talented product development team is innovative and works extremely hard to stay at the forefront of the industry, trend-watching, forecasting and looking at new techniques to make the food they produce even better.


Paul's style is quite relaxed and based on what feels right and good instincts honed after many years working in this industry. Andrew is the complete opposite to Paul and loves the detail and nitty gritty which is one of the many reasons why they complement one another so well.

andrew lone

Andrew is from Leeds originally and possesses that northern gritty 'hands on' determination and approach to his work.  Andrew’s background is in finance and systems. Within the business Andrew has responsibility for all in-house operation and service functions.


Prior to working for the business in a number of head of finance roles, Andrew previously held two head of finance roles which delivered a staggering financial turnaround from multi-million £ loss making to multi-million £ profit making. One in sales and distribution the other in the manufacture of ultra-low temp freezers  


Andrew’s sheer drive and commitment to the small details is uncompromising, to best ensure a successful outcome and sense for what in the story is not right, we all like a happy ending.


Andrew’s partnership with Paul is complementary as they jointly look to the future with this business evolution, with both looking at the business with different perspectives to ensure its on-going success. If the devil is in the detail then Andrew is your man for the job.

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Kate has always had a passion for food and drink and in previous buying roles she has looked after a number of categories. Kate looks at ingredients and products from a procurement view whilst working alongside NPD and to source ingredients and commodities which she knows we can consistently deliver to our customers.


Kate is process focussed, looking at concept ideas and seeing product development through to full scale production, delivery and beyond. Kate is definitely a starter-finisher and enjoyed taking projects from conception to fruition.


“I always want to go the extra mile to source the ingredients and products needed. My attention to detail and forward planning help us procure all the right ingredients that make up all our great dishes. I’m also tenacious and driven to do the best job I possibly can.”


“My favourite dish from the Howell and Lone range is the Butternut Squash and Chickpea Curry hands down"

Kate McKenzie
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Adam began his career at Westminster Catering College .  Later gaining experience as a Chef at esteemed establishments such as the Savoy and Gordon Ramsey’s at Claridge’s, Adam then gained a BSc (Hons) Food and Nutrition Degree at Bath Spa University before becoming part of J. Sainsbury’s Technical Team prior to joining the team at Howell & Lone.


Adam is a definite foodie, with some strong opinions his favourite meal is feijoada, a Portuguese origin stew which is the national dish of Brazil. Adam is a problem solver, coming from professional culinary background and science background allows him to look at our foods from both the taste and recipe point of view then when making the recipe at scale knowing exactly how to ensure the results are the same, which is great skill set to have on the team.


“My standout meal from the Howell and Lone range has to be the Moroccan lamb tagine, the Scoville( chilli/heat level) level is at its peak for my tolerance and the Moroccan flavours of the product I believe stands out.”  

Adam Fordham